Foam Cannon Not Working Properly? - Fix Watery Foam

Foam Cannon Not Working Properly? - Fix Watery Foam

Is your foam cannon not working right? Getting watery foam or no foam at all?

There are many factors that would result is your foam cannon not working correctly, most often it's because of not rinsing the nozzle after use.

This simple step after use can and will ensure your foam cannon shoots out thick suds for a long time! Seriously, it works. 


Troubleshooting Procedure:

Factors that effect the amount of foam output:

Clear Suction Straw:
The suction straw gets stuck to the bottom of the bottle and prevents the nozzle from picking up soap. Cut the straw at and angle to prevent this. Improper suction will result in watery foam.
High Sudsing Car Soap:
Use a quality high sudsing car soap in your foam cannon. Low sudsing car soap will result in watery foam. Mix 6-8 oz of soap with warm water and fill in the foam cannon. 
Clean Filter: Did you rinse out the nozzle after using the foam cannon? 
If your answer is 'no', then follow this video to clean your internal filter: Clean Foam Cannon Filter
Pressure Washer GPM:
Does your pressure washer output a sufficient GPM flow to use with your foam cannon?  Check the GPM flow rating on your pressure washer.
Gas powered pressure washers output a higher flow rate, which results in thicker foam. 
Electric pressure washers can also be used, and should have at least a GPM of 1.75 and a 1900 PSI rating.
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