Guide to Foam Cannons

Guide to Foam Cannons

Foam cannons cover your car in thick suds and cut down the time required to wash your car. The added lubrication helps reduce the chance of getting swirl marks in your paint from washing. This guide outlines the proper procedure of using a foam and also maintaining it. Following this set of instructions will help ensure you get tons of suds and your foam cannon lasts a long time.

How much soap to use?

The most important factor for thick foam is the type and amount of soap you use. There are a wide variety of car soaps on the market which you can use with your foam cannon. You should only use car soap (obviously). To get thick foam from your foam cannon, you must choose a car soap which is high sudsing and highly concentrated. Diluted car soaps will result in a watery foam and not the thick ‘shaving cream’ consistency that everyone loves! Try adding approximately 6-7 oz (200mL) to the bottle and fill the rest with warm water. If your foam cannon is still shooting watery foam, try adding more soap or using a more concentrated car soap. Also ensure the soap has fully dissolved in the bottle, and not stuck at the bottom. Experiment with your soap and foam cannon to determine the proper ratio of warm water to car soap.  

Which Pressure Washer?

The pressure washer you use is also very important. Generally speaking, gas powered pressure washers offer a higher flow rate and pressure output, which results in better foam. Check the GPM(gallons per minute) value on your pressure washer. Electric pressure washers can also be used, but we would recommend that it at least have a GPM of 1.75 and a 1900 PSI rating.

First use tips and instructions:

Ensure your foam cannon is correctly dialed by adjusting the foam density knob, and the fan angle nozzle. Also, the connecting tube should be cut at an angle. This prevents the tube from being blocked when inside the bottle. Oddly enough this simple problem can result in very watery foam! Once you have ensured these steps, pour 6-7 ounces [200 mL], of car soap to your bottle and fill the rest with warm water. Shake the bottle and mix well. Connect to your pressure washer and foam away!



It it is very important to properly maintain your foam cannon and always wash and dry it after use. After using your foam cannon, refill the bottle with tap water and run the water through the foam cannon. Leftover soap within the foam cannon nozzle will cause buildup within the internal filter and cause watery foam. You should also remove the nozzle and run it under some tap water, and then dry it. Following this procedure after every use will ensure your foam cannon lasts a long time.


Where to Buy:

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