The Ultimate Foam Cannon Setup

The Ultimate Foam Cannon Setup

You've probably seen a video of a foam cannon blasting thick sheets of soapy suds all over a car, and now you want to know how you can do it too? It seems relatively simply, however getting a good setup for your pressure washer can be tricky.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Here is what equipment you will need:

  • A Quality Foam Cannon
  • Short Pressure Washer Gun
  • High Sudsing Car Soap
  • Extension Wand For Rinsing
  • Pressure Washer (recommended 1.7GPM for thick suds)

Foam Cannon: 

Choose a high quality foam cannon that can produce thick suds with both electric and gas pressure washers.

Make sure the bottle is not opaque so that you can see the amount of soap solution that remains. The bottle should also have volume measurements on the side so that you can dilute the soap solution properly. 

Short Washer Gun: 

Attaching a foam cannon to the end of your pressure washer gun can make it very hard to maneuver. It is also challenging to attach a foam cannon to a longer washer gun.

These short guns make it easy to attach foam cannons, and to spray foam on the roofs of vehicles. These truly make a huge difference.


Extension Wand: 

These wands are a must-have for washing cars.

These are essential for using alongside a short pressure washer gun. They make it very easy to rinse vehicles after washing, and the angled wand helps in washing the roofs of vehicles.

Car Soap: 

This is perhaps the trickiest variable in the equation for getting good foam. Every car soap is made a bit differently and therefore has to be diluted differently.

Choose a car soap that is concentrated, pH neutral and high sudsing. As a general starting point, try diluting 200mL (6.5oz) with 800mL (27oz) of warm tap water. We're currently developing our own soap, follow our instagram for updates if you're interested!

Blueberry Blast Soap in action with a gas pressure washer rated at 2.1 GPM. 

Pressure Washer: 

This is another vital variable in a good foam cannon setup. Gas pressure washers will usually result in thicker foam, however they can be too loud at times. Electric pressure washer can also be used, however for thick suds you will require at least 1.7 GPM.



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