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swivel gun pro limited release

the swivel gun just turned pro.

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Changing the Game

Buttery smooth swivel to untangle the hose

Integrated notch for effortless changing of tips and foam cannons

Rubberized tip holder to keep you organized

Made by detailers for detailers

Your Wrist Will Thank You

Engineered for maximum comfort and an enjoyable wash

Improved Design: The thickened handle and effortless trigger makes the wash process an absolute joy.

Stop Fighting Your Hose

The stainless swivel allows the hose to rotate and untangle.

Hose Swivel: Machined out of 304 stainless steel and buttery smooth, allows the hose to untangle and improves your wash experience.

Quick Reload

Integrated notch allows you to easily swap tips, foam cannons and other accessories.

Integrated Notch: Gives you easy access to the quick connect, allowing you to quick swap accessories on the fly, saving you time and hassle.

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