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Stainless Wall Organizer

Stainless Wall Organizer

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  Organize All Your Accessories: A dedicated spot for your Swivel Gun Pro, Wide Mouth Foam Cannon and 4 Pressure Washer Tips. It will even work with an extension wand connected to your gun.

  Quick Foam Cannon Storage: Equipped with an automatic quick connect which allows you to mount your foam cannon with just a single push. The sleeve is pre-retracted allowing for single handed mounting.

Talking Piece of your Garage: Machined out of beautiful 304 stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance and a beautiful finish. Carefully fabricated to ensure smooth corners. Looks fantastic in your garage.

Declutter Your Garage: Foam cannons are leaky and difficult to store because they constantly tip over. Get your foam cannon off the floor, and give it a dedicated spot on your wall. 

✅ Why Us: Built completely in 304 stainless steel, carefully fabricated to ensure smooth corners and a beautiful finish. Preinstalled fittings for quick installation and use!

✅ Specifications: Dimensions: 17" x 4" x 3", fabricated completely in 304 stainless steel, with stainless screws included.  

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