It's Finally Here.
The Swivel Gun Pro.

Early access to the most anticipated pressure washer gun

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Rated 5 Stars by Beta Testers

A hand uses a foam cannon to wash a car covered in soap.

Changing the Game

Engineered by Detailing Enthusiasts

Built Alongside Customers

Designed to Transform the Wash

Blue and red swivel gun with packaging and accessories.

designed for detailing

Engineered specifically for the best washing experience

70+ Verified 5 Star Reviews

easy pull trigger.

Redesigned trigger mechanism minimizes hand strain
A person holding a pair of scissors with an anti-theft device attached, against an outdoor, car-filled background.

A place for your tips.

No more lost tips when switching between rinsing and foaming

no more hose kinks.

Stainless swivel rotates to untangle hose kinks
Person holding a metal pipe fitting outdoors.
Hand holding a blue and red garden hose nozzle outdoors.

One handed operation.

Notch allows for easy use of the quick connector with one hand

Ecosystem of Accessories

Lots of compatible accessories like wands, foam cannons and wall organizers

Hand placing a blue and orange sanding block on a wall-mounted storage rack in a workshop.
Collection of professional spray gun equipment and accessories.


One kit with all the upgrades


- Swivel Gun Pro
- Stainless Wall Organizer
 - Quick Connect Kit 

- Foam Cannon
- Extension Wand

Rated 5 Stars by Beta Testers