Snow Foam Cannon

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Cutdown Your Wash Time: Quickly cover your car in a thick blanket of snow foam, and get to washing faster than ever before. 

Enjoy the Wash: There a few things as satisfying as spraying a car in thick suds and you'll look forward to smothering your car in snow foam!

The Correct Way to Wash:  Professionals and at-home detailers trust our snow foam cannon to quickly loosen surface dirt and grit. This greatly reduces the chance of scratches as a result of washing. Oh, and it's also lots of fun to use! 

Prevent Scratches and Swirls:Swirl marks are a result of improper washing. Using our foam lance increases the surface lubricity and decreases the chance of scratches as a result of washing.

High Quality Fittings: The connectors are made out of high quality brass to withstand high pressure and long term use. It is also easy to maintain and fully rebuildable.  

*Pressure Washer Required