Straight Rinsing Extension Wand

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  • The perfect pressure washer extension wand for cleaning cars and trucks. A must-have accessory alongside a quality foam cannon.
  • Compact Design: At a length of 21 inches, the wand is the perfect size for maximum maneuverability when rinsing vehicles. Equipped with a 1/4” Female Quick Connector, and a 1/4” Male Plug
  • Specifications: The length of the wand is 21 inches. The inlet is a 1/4" male plug. The outlet is a 1/4" female quick connector.
  • Ergonomic: Rinsing the roofs of vehicles are often hard to reach. The curved front end allows for easy rinsing of hard to reach areas.
  • Why Us: Built with real steel fittings. More durable and leak resistant. Durability, the connectors are made out of high quality steel to withstand high pressure.