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Swivel Gun Pro + Wall Organizer

Swivel Gun Pro + Wall Organizer

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✅ What's included:

  • Swivel Gun Pro (includes M22 to 3/8” QC Adapter, M22-15mm Adapter and Teflon tap)
  • Stainless Wall Organizer

Engineered by Detailing Enthusiasts: Built alongside customers to create the most enjoyable washing experience.

Swivel Gun Pro: Swivel inlet allows your hose to rotate freely during use, preventing annoying kinks and wrestling with your hose.

⁠✅ A Place for Your Nozzle Tips: Those washer tips love to disappear when switching between foaming and rinsing the car. Store them in a rubberized nozzle holder to prevent this. 

Wall Organizer: Declutter your garage and easily organize your accessories on your wall. 

 Simply Push to Mount: Equipped with an automatic quick connect which allows you to mount your foam cannon with just a single push. The sleeve is pre-retracted allowing for single handed mounting. 

✅ Beautiful Stainless: Machined out of beautiful 304 stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance and a beautiful finish.  

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