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Pressure Washer Upgrade Kit

Pressure Washer Upgrade Kit

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** Please verify if you have an M22-14mm or M22-15mm hose prior to purchasing. You can email us if you need help figuring this out, or read below for compatible models. **

Enjoy the Wash: Ditch your long leaky gun and upgrade to accessories designed to make washing your car enjoyable.

Swivel Gun: Equipped with a swivel inlet that allows your hose to rotate freely during use, prevent annoying kinks and wrestling with your hose.

Wide Mouth Foam Cannon: Cover your car in the thickest suds and enjoy washing your car. Preinstalled 1.1mm orifice for thick suds.

Rinsing Wand:Rinsing the roofs of vehicles are often hard to reach. The curved front end allows for easy rinsing of hard to reach areas.

Stainless Quick Connects: 8 piece kit to convert your setup to full stainless quick connects. Simply quick connect and get to cleaning.

What's included:

  • Swivel Gun
  • Wide Mouth Foam Cannon
  • Extension Wand
  • Quick Connect Kit Stainless Steel (8 Piece)



  • All Ryobi Models
  • All Greenworks Models
  • Active 2.0
  • AR Blue 630
  • Karcher K1700, K1800 only
  • All Gas Powered Pressure Washers


  • SunJoe
  • Stanley
  • Active VE56
  • Comet Static 1700
  • Consumer Level AR Blue Models
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