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Wide Mouth Foam Cannon

Wide Mouth Foam Cannon

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McKillans Wide Mouth Foam Cannon uses a pressure washer and car soap to produce thick clinging foam to give your car a thorough wash at home! Cover your car in the thickest suds and enjoy washing your car.

✅  Wide Mouth Design: The wide mouth bottle allows for easier dilution of soap. The wider bottle design providers a more stable base and prevents the foam cannon from falling over like other designs. 

✅  Superior Cleaning:Thicker foam allows your car's paint to get a deep and delicate cleaning for a beautiful shine. Dirt and other surface contaminants are loosened and the foam adds extra surface lubrication which helps prevent swirl marks as a result of washing.

✅  Durability: The connectors are made out of high quality brass to withstand high pressure. The bottle is made of strong plastic and is also translucent; allowing you to see the remaining cleaner in the bottle.

✅  Adjustability: The amount of foam output can be adjusted using the control knob on the top of the foam cannon. Furthermore, the angle of output is also adjustable, allowing you to change the width of the foam stream. Adjust the thickness of foam to your liking.

  Why Us: Outputs amazing foam with both electric and gas powered pressure washers. Built with real copper and brass fitting, not cheap recycled metal like cheaper alternatives. Translucent bottle allows to you see the soap level, unlike others. More durable and leak resistant. High quality materials like the stainless steel quick connector.

Max PSI: 4000 PSI
Max Flow: 2.5 GPM

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